Lunch Mentoring

The Lunch Mentoring Program allows you to spend time with a child between the ages of 5 and 18 during their lunch period at school.  The lunch period is usually 40 minutes in length and during this time we ask that you engage the child in conversation, eat lunch, play board games, do homework or just have fun!  The Best Friends staff can recommend a school convenient to your place of work or home and there is no cost to you - all we are asking for is your time!

Elementary students must eat lunch on campus, middle and high school students are permitted to leave the campus with their mentor for lunch.  The lunch mentoring program takes place during the school year. 


Mentor Eligibility: Must be at least a freshman in high school and not a parent of a child enrolled in our program.  You must have access to an automobile or reliable transportation and you cannot be undergoing current treatment for substance abuse. All mentors are subject to a thorough screening process.

Mentee Eligibility: Must be at least 5 years old. Typically reside in the Town of Menasha, City of Menasha, Town of Neenah, City of Neenah, or attend school within the Neenah and Menasha Joint School Districts.  Matches may continue if either party moves out of the area as long as both parties agree.

Please consider being a mentor - it is easy - it is simple - it is rewarding!  For more information please call Best Friends at 729-5600.

A Counselor's Thoughts

Lunch Mentoring has increased many students' attendance, grades, and self esteem.  The individual attention mentors provide help students become more assertive and feel good about themselves.  They may forget an assignment, overdue book or lesson, but rarely do they forget a visit from their mentor.  Time constraints and class size may not allow teachers the opportunity to form a unique bond with each student, however a mentor can.  School is where children spend time, and it is important that they feel supported in order to be successful.

Neenah Elementary School Counselor - Lori Marzahl