"Social Entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry."

Welcome to our Board Page.  This year our board has been on a journey to learn more about Social Innovation and how we can better serve our clientele to ensure that every child has the educational, economic, and emotional tools they need to thrive after high school and into early adulthood.

Below you will find many case examples of Socially Innovative models that are making a difference right here in our backyard.  If you are interested in becoming a board member, please review the information on the right side of the page and contact Jaime Kriewaldt, Executive Director (920-729-5600 or jaime@bestfriendsnm.org).


Social Innovation

According to the Stanford Social Innovation Review, "the social entrepreneur aims for value in the form of large-scale, transformational benefit that accrues either to a significant segment of society or to society at large. Unlike the entrepreneurial value proposition that assumes a market that can pay for the innovation, and may even provide substantial upside for investors, the social entrepreneur's value proposition targets an underserved, neglected, or highly disadvantaged population that lacks the financial means or political clout to achieve the transformative benefit on its own."

Examples of Social Innovation

  1. Playworks
  2. Growing Power
  3. Cristo Rey Network
  4. The Ability Center


  1. The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship
  2. Creating Social Value
  3. Design Thinking for Social Innovation
  4. Creating Successful Business Models

Business Models


Working with templates



Ashoka Examples

Below is a list of Ashoka fellows that have created models for working with at-risk youth or adults that address unique ways of conducting education reform, employment opportunities, and teaching the tools needed to have courage and resilience to change your life.

David Domenici

Fabian Ferraro

Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski

Nadia Duguay