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At Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha we know that children and teens need a set of basic connections to help them through the challenges associated with growing up.  Without mentors, our youth become disconnected, and their lack of preparation makes it difficult to secure high paying jobs.  Without economic security their odds of being incarcerated will be greater, as well as their chances of becoming victims of crime.  Most discouraging, is that they will be considerably less likely to become stable providers for their own family.

Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha helps young people thrive through the power of mentoring friendships. Whether it is building self-esteem, resisting negative peer pressure, or learning to resolve conflicts non-violently, mentoring gives a child hope and allows every child to dream of a brighter tomorrow.

As proud as we are of serving 516 children and teens, we can do more - and we need to. There are still over 2,020 "at-risk" children who could benefit from our life-changing program.  For every additional $600.00 we can serve another child in need.  Imagine 2,536 children less likely to start using drugs, alcohol and resorting to violence.  This not only changes the lives of these children, but their classmates - your children - our families - our entire community.

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