Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha is a 501(c)(3) youth serving organization. Through one-to-one mentoring, Best Friends has been serving children and teens throughout Neenah and Menasha since 1973. Our mission is to help young people thrive through the power of mentoring friendships and supportive family networks.

Eye on a Match!

Maddy is a sophomore at St. Mary Central and has been a part of the SMC Lunch Mentoring Program for two years. After hearing stories and how much fun her two older sisters had mentoring, Maddy was inspired to become a mentor through Best Friends. Maddy wanted to be a positive influence and have a Young Friend that could look up to her. Maddy is an amazing role model for Harmony. Harmony is in 4th grade. Maddy and Harmony have been matched since November 11, 2015. Maddy's favorite thing about being matched with her Young Friend is getting to know so much about her and finding things they have in common. Maddy and Harmony like to play 5 second rule, dominos and old maid. Thank you Maddy for taking the time to be a positive role model and wonderful mentor to Harmony!

Helping young people thrive through the power of mentoring!

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2016 Annual Report - Please check out our 2016 Annual Report! It is filled with testimonials and facts about our families, volunteers and donors!

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